Dr. H.K. Bali - Cardiologist, Chandigarh

Dr. H.K. Bali

Director Cardioloy, Fortis Mohali

Areas of Expertise: Angioplasty, Coronary Intervention

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Dynamic segment changes in patients with fixed outflow obstructions

Growing evidence suggests that dynamic coronary obstructions play an important but elusive role in the genesis of ischemic events. Dynamic coronary obstructions can develop during certain phases of coronary disease as a result of a variable combination of vasoconstriction, arterial wall lesions, and increased thrombotic tendency. In a certain phase of their disease, some patients develop dynamic coronary obstruction, while others with a similar degree of fixed atherosclerotic obstruction do not.


Bali HK, Sapru RP, Chandrashekhar YC. Dynamic segment changes in patients with fixed outflow obstructions. Ind Heart J 1990; 42(4): 251.